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Top 5 Software Programs for Comic Book Artists

November 13, 2015 / Corrado / Software for comic artist

This isn’t the 1950’s- we don’t actually have to draw our comics by hand any more. The digital era has come to the comic book arena, and it is an amazing new frontier. However, there are so many software programs out there that can help you create your masterpieces, in a variety of styles. Choosing the right software has never been easier with this breakdown.

  1. Google SketchUp

 This software has been around for a while, and has a free basic program for beginners (or for those hoping to test it out). It allows you to draw 3-D backgrounds and sets, which add texture and design to your comic book strips no matter your style. The advanced levels are more affordable than some software, but take quite a while to fully master.

  1. Adobe Photoshop

logo-photoshopPhotoshop has become pretty much synonymous with the digital art realm. Comic books and manga artists often use Photoshop to create their art. There are plenty of different styles of sketching, painting, and drawing that can be done in Photoshop, along with text and image editing that is unmatched by any competitor. Options for Adobe are now a monthly or yearly price, making it more affordable than ever. This software does take a while to learn, but it is useful in many other ways as well.




  1. Corel Painterb6027a18d584639241caf0824dd4b062

Much like Photoshop, Corel Painter has become one of the “go-to” options for comic book artists, as it has many different styles. Artists can paint, sketch, redesign images, and even change the texture of the page or image. This is an amazing software program, and Corel continues to add more features in order to compete with Photoshop. This, just like the other ones, is rather complex and does take a lot of time to learn. Corel just released a really neat app that allows you to edit your work on a tablet or phone.

  1. SketchBook Pro

indexThis software is much more affordable than the other options on this list, but is more limited in its abilities. It provides great visual tools, including drawing, layering, mirroring, and many aspects that the other software provides. It doesn’t have a lot of script compatibility, but it is a great program for a decent price. Give it a try if you’re a beginner.




  1. Manga Studiologo_mstudio5_black

This is one of the top-rated programs in the industry, and also one of the cheapest. If your style is more manga-related than comic book-style, this is a great program. It works for both styles, but has more tools for manga designs. It is not a strong script program, so you’ll have to find other ways to incorporate your script. It takes some time to learn, but has a great user-friendly interface.

There are a ton of programs out there, but if you’re serious about creating a comic book digitally, these programs are going to help you get there. Check out their free versions, or invest in one (or more) of them to play around and see which ones you prefer. All of them are capable of getting your comic book done.

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